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Home care introduction

The number of days that salon care can be done at the beauty salon is limited during the year.
​ To keep your ideal hair beautiful
​ Hair handling in home care is essential.

​Home care


Home care recommended by GRIN

Salon care​ Go to home care as it is

3 at the salon​ With the same idea as steps, you can take preventive measures every day.
1st STP
2nd STEP
Supply protein to the damaged part
(The millet itself is a repair ingredient and the scalpEasy to use)
Moisture by adding oil and water,
Further softness and cohesiveness
Arrange the damaged cuticle
Confine the supplemented nutrients

Impressive PPT Serum

Serum CMC Outbus

Impressive PPT Serum Mask


​Fine hair

​Vellus hair

​Normal hair

Those who are concerned about the odor of the scalp, Oily

Ylang-ylang scent, supple and smooth feeling


​Peculiar hair



Those who have a lot of hair and it is difficult to decide on styling

Those who are worried about damageBergamot scent

Moist and moisturized feeling

​Fine hair

​Vellus hair

​Thin hair

Those who have a conspicuous division and the top is petan

Those who want to give a perm feelingOrange and lavender scent

Soft and voluminous feeling


​Vellus hair

Those who want a smooth finish, those who dislike oil type

Those who want to get a ridge with a light perm style

For those who are looking for lightness with vellus hair, soft and supple



Those who want cohesiveness, those who are worried about the dryness of the hair tips

Those who have a lot of hair and are easy to spreadThose who have stiff hair and feel uncomfortable

Moist and moisturized confinement

Those who want to give their hair a glossy look, those who are concerned about the dryness of the tips

For those who want to moisturize their hair, hairThose who have hard hair, those who are habitual and easy to spread

Moisturizing and moist gloss


​Fine hair

​Vellus hair

​Normal hair

​Thin hair

Those who want to give elasticity, luster, and volume

Grapefruit scent

Smooth and supple hair tips



​Peculiar hair



Those who have a lot of hair and it is difficult to decide on styling

Those who are worried about damageBergamot scent

Moist and moisturized hair tips

Choose by texture​ Please experience the ideal hair condition.
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Contains 40% or more of PPT-based surfactant

Since the beauty ingredient PPT occupies 40% of the capacity, it is a surprising shampoo that the beauty ingredient enters the hair while shampooing! !!

It is an excellent shampoo that you can feel the change so much that it is also called a magic shampoo or an ultra-high concentration beauty serum shampoo!


A new idea of washing with high-concentration serum

Most of the shampoos on the market contain a lot of surfactants and have strong detergency. It also contains a moisturizer that keeps your hair dry.

However, oggi otto contains plenty of beauty ingredients, and the mechanism is to add more and more beauty essence to the hair while shampooing.

This mechanism is a new idea that is different from ordinary shampoo. It's a really hair-friendly shampoo!


Raw materials are also safe and secure

oggiotto is a brand that has received the global standard "ECOCERT certification" of organic certification with strict examination standards.


Ecocert certification is a global standard for organic certification that has strict inspection standards from soil to raw materials, manufacturing processes, and packaging.

It is also called authentication. The quality of oggi otto made from raw materials that meet such strict standards comes with origami.

Plant extracts can be used by people with sensitive skin with peace of mind, and organic aroma oils will surely heal your hair and soul.


Contains aging care ingredients jointly developed by Kyoto University and Osaka City University

Contains Methyl Carboxymethylphenylaminocarboxypropyl Phosphonate (Narsgen)


Due to the amino acid effect derived from silk, the moisturizing power of the hair is also considerable and the surface of the hair becomes incredibly smooth.

The hair feels like silk. The point of oggi otto is that it is moisturized with water without using oil.


Since it uses organic essential oil (aroma oil), it will heal your hair and mind.


Hair care products that are difficult to obtain! !!

It is a highly rare product that can only be handled by 1% of cosmetologists in Japan.

So even if you see good reviews on SNS etc., you do not know where you can buy it.

From salon care to home care as it is

Incorporating the concept of system treatment in a beauty salon to protect hair from daily hair stress (dryness, heat, UV rays, etc.)

It is possible to prevent daily.

It replenishes keratin PPT, which is the main component of hair, and moisturizing ingredients to protect hair from dryness.


The concept is "a shampoo-shaped treatment agent"

In beauty salons, a chemical called a treatment agent is used to reduce the burden on the hair before and after coloring and perming.

oggi otto does not focus on "washing", but puts "hair care" first, so that the foam itself becomes a repair ingredient.

A high concentration of silk PPT and amino acid-based surfactant makes it an item that is gentle on the scalp.


The beginning of damage is from "dry hair"

Hair that cannot be reborn will continue to be exposed to dryness for years and become harder.

Furthermore, the heat damage received from irons and trowels will harden the protein that has deprived the hair of water.

Therefore, it was created with an emphasis on hair moisture balance control (CMC supplementation).

The serum mask also contains a heat active PPT that protects the hair from heat damage.



oggiotto shampoo contains a small amount of nutrient film agent

Supplements 18MEA and CMC that hair originally has from the surface to the core of hair

Then, the CMCs are glued together to prevent them from flowing out, and the cuticle is prepared.


If you continue to take care of your hair at home, your hair quality will change in a month or two! That is why it is called "magic shampoo".

oggiotto premium series
oggi otto Drs




scalp essence




scalp aidserum mask


impressiv ppt serum



impressiv ppt serum mask


It is a higher-grade premium line.

A medical-oriented premium line that cares for hair and scalp

It is a doctor-approved shampoo line recommended by AGA hospitals.

CARE PRO® used by professionals

It is now available for purchase at salons nationwide.

GRIN is the first salon in Shimane prefecture

Delivers all treatments luxuriously to the inside of the hair quickly and firmly

  Slide it into your hair for 5 seconds, that's it.

Any type of treatment agent

Product potential

Pull out to the maximum

"ULTOWA" home care

Intensive care two or three times a week will improve the performance of your home care.

STEP1 Repair gel oil

Let the gel oil blend in.


It softens hair that has become hard with a hair dryer or iron.


Nourishment enters the damaged part and combines with the moisture in the hair to repair from the inside of the hair.

The cuticle is tightly closed after the ULTOWA treatment at the salon. Immediately after applying gel oil to the hair, it will not be well nourished and may cause over-convergence on the surface, so please use it about 3 days after the ULTOWA treatment at the salon.


STEP2 Sparkling Premium Shampoo

Foam pack with a nutritious carbonated shampoo.


Eliminates only bad silicone ingredients that cannot be removed with regular shampoo.


It permeates nutrients to the tips of the hair and promotes blood flow in the scalp with carbon dioxide.

Shake well before using.

 スパークリング プレミアム シャンプー

STEP3 Premium mask

Contains collagen that does not easily cause protein denaturation, and is resistant to heat from dryers and irons.


A chemical reaction that occurs inside the hair due to silmere.

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