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Hydrogen treatmentIntroduction

The hydrogen care used in GRIN is 970000ppm (97 %) .

(The amount of hydrogen generated has already been measured by a public institution.)

Effect of high concentration hydrogen treatment

Anti-inflammatory effect

Customers who come to the hair dressing shop will perform treatments such as hair coloring and perms.

Some people have weak skin and feel irritation such as the coloring agent stains the scalp and the perm solution stains the scalp.

For such people, hydrogen treatment after hair coloring and perm treatment is effective in suppressing inflammation.

Even if you don't see it during the procedure, if you feel something is wrong with your scalp or itching on your scalp at a later date, you will experience a dramatic improvement.

In addition, even one treatment will reduce hair loss.

Removal of bad active oxygen

If you have a hair color or perm, there is something you definitely want to know.

That is, what causes an oxidation reaction in both hair color and perm is that one treatment produces 7,000 times as much bad active oxygen as those who normally live.

So the more you dye the color, the more you perm it, the more

"Increased white hair" "Wrinkles in hair" "Curly hair" "Damage to hair" "Thinning hair" "Increased hair loss" "Skinny hair becomes thin"

It ends up being that.

The bad active oxygen (HO) reacts with the hydrogen treatment (H) and turns into water (H2O), which is then discharged to the outside of the body, and the hydrogen treatment removes the bad active oxygen from the hair and skin.

Therefore, hydrogen treatment is an indispensable menu for those who are treated with hair color and perm at a hair dressing shop.

According to Dr., who is promoting hydrogen medicine, the following hydrogen treatments are required to remove the bad active oxygen in hair and skin.

・ Hydrogen concentration of about 20000ppm (high concentration hydrogen)

・ Reaction time for removing bad active oxygen is 5 minutes or more (prescription that always continues to generate hydrogen during this period)

In addition, since hydrogen treatment is generated by gaseous hydrogen, it is necessary to seal it with aluminum, which does not allow hydrogen to escape.

Remove wrinkles from hair

Studies have found that hair wrinkles (R) occur after many years of oxidation.

As a remedy, a hair treatment for antioxidants using hydrogen has been developed.

Hair is not a cell, but a protein produced by the cell. When the protein in the hair oxidizes, it causes wrinkles (wrinkles in the hair). Therefore, oxidized hair can be reduced by hydrogen care, which leads to the removal of the swell.

The effect of high concentration hydrogen removes wrinkles caused by hair oxidation.

It's not straight, so you can't get the original habit.

However, if you have swells due to oxidation, you don't need a straight.

For habitual hair, the habit does not disappear, but the swell and volume due to oxidation can be suppressed, so

It's easy to care for, it's stiff, it's soft to the touch, and it's glossy.

Reduce oxidation

It completely removes the bad active oxygen hydroxyl radicals generated after white hair suppression, fine hair suppression, color and perm!

Hydroxyl radical removal can only be done with real high-concentration hydrogen.

Difference between high-concentration hydrogen and hydrogen water

Hydrogen water has been a hot topic for a while, but it has no effect on the human body.

This is because hydrogen has a low limit of solubility in water, and even aluminum packages etc.

This is because hydrogen has the property of being released immediately after opening.

Hydrogen water is just injecting hydrogen gas into the water, and only 1.6ppm of hydrogen can be put into the water.

It cannot be saved. (1.6ppm is 0.0000016% when converted to%)

If there is something that is written as XX times this hydrogen water

You might think that it has little effect.

It can also be rewritten to the unit of 1ppm = 1000ppb.

Therefore, it may be better to think that the unit displayed in ppd has a low concentration of hydrogen and is ineffective.

To give one example, it seems that a drinkable hydrogen supplement needs a prescription that generates hydrogen for several hours after it reaches the stomach after drinking, but a certain manufacturer's one is thin enough to not reach the required hydrogen concentration. The moment you put it in your mouth

It seems that hydrogen was generated and the generation time was as short as a few minutes.

Hydrogen concentration continues to be generated for at least 5 minutes at a hydrogen concentration of 20000 ppm or more on hair and skin.

It has no effect unless it can be reacted.

It is difficult for the general public to know so far, and only in the part of the effect that hydrogen has an antioxidant effect.

It's not on the table, so I think it can be confusing.

There are many things that claim only the effects.

I think it's very difficult to identify it,

Hydrogen care at GRIN uses the one made under the supervision of a doctor of hydrogen treatment.

Only the real thing will have an effect, so it is recommended to use the correct one!

Research is being conducted on the potential of hydrogen in various countries. Recently, hydrogen is being used more and more in medical treatment, and research in Japan is said to be the most advanced in the world.

In the future, it seems that it will be possible to cure or prevent various diseases by treatment with hydrogen etc.

The reason why cells oxidize seems to be related to the mitochondria inside the cells.

It is said that there are 2000 mitochondria in one cell, and 800 mitochondria in one cell.
Systematically, the more cells work, the more active oxygen is produced.

(Synthesize pigments and hair matrix proteins to make hair and pigments)
If you compare it to a car, the more you turn the engine, the more exhaust gas will be emitted.

(The exhaust gas of cells is active oxygen) → Cells die by self-destruction due to active oxygen and deteriorate when stress is applied to cells → Cell death Mitochondria use sugar and fat as energy. In a thermal power plant, sugar and fat are fuels.

Of course, if you burn the fuel, exhaust gas will be emitted. The exhaust gas is superoxide.

Intracellular mitochondria produce SOD, an antioxidant enzyme called catalase,

I would like to see that superoxide can be converted into hydrogen peroxide and converted into water.

When mitochondria weaken with age, SOD and catalase are not produced and superoxide cannot be processed, and the active oxygen that could not be processed becomes bad active oxygen (hydroxy radical). (Hydroxy radical is a substance formed by the reaction of hydrogen peroxide with iron and minerals)
Then, it oxidizes more and more from this hydroxyl radical cell membrane, and the cells deteriorate and die.

Roughly speaking, when the number of intracellular mitochondria decreases with age, the exhaust gas produced by oneself cannot be processed.

The surplus exhaust gas becomes bad active oxygen and strongly oxidizes the cells!

It is high-concentration hydrogen that can surely remove the bad active oxygen!

Oxidation, inflammation and saccharification account for 80% of cell stress.

The latter 20% seems to be related to the innate DNA due to a congenital cause.
Oxidative stress, which accounts for 80% of the total, can be prevented with hydrogen. Oxidation is all due to hydroxyl radicals

Oxidation, inflammation, and saccharification all generate hydroxyl radicals.

And what surprised me most was that the number of times cells were reborn (apoptosis) was only 50!
That is, after 50 reincarnations, the cell turns into an senescent cell and plays a role as a cell.

It means that it will not be done at all.

Cellular senescence → dysfunction → at worst, it seems that it may change to cancer cells.
Considering these things, we can see how scary the oxidation is.
And the whitening and thinning of hair is due to the oxidation of living cells and proteins.

Therefore, do not damage existing cells as much as possible.

I think it will be very important not to increase the number of senescent cells.
Let's prevent hydrogen so that it can be used to the end without causing oxidation with the correct knowledge and correct usage!

The cause of gray hair is the oxidation of pigment stem cells (aging), and the cause of thinning hair and fine hair is the oxidation of hair follicle stem cells (aging).

Among them, it is medically known that the coloring agents and perming agents we handle are the ones that cause the oxidation.

Therefore, I think that we hairdressers must propose to enjoy color and perm safely and securely instead of stopping color and perm.

Hydrogen is suspicious, and the fact that hydrogen doesn't work is because it doesn't have the same usage and capacity!

I don't think you'll be suspicious like this if you use the real thing and understand the contents!

Since general treatments have different mechanisms and uses,

(There is no coating or repair effect. If you are concerned about damage

We recommend regular treatments. )

It will be even more beautiful when used in combination with conventional treatments.

When used in combination with OGGIOTTO's made-to-order treatment , the luster and texture are completely different.

GRIN-CREATIONS is a member salon of JH2A (Japan Hair Hydrogen Association).

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