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Staff introduction

Introducing the staff working at GRIN.




Grin The Team.

We are a family
 GRINスタイリスト 尚史
GRIN Stylist
Naofumi Takeuchi

takeuchi shouji

my story

I was in Matsue when I was a child, but my parents'parents' home was in Masuda, and when I was in the second year of junior high school, I transferred to Masuda, and my grandmother was a beautician in Masuda. After graduating from Shiseido Cosmetology School in Tokyo, he started his career as a beautician at a salon in Shinjuku. On the 1st, I opened a small cosmetology salon with my beautician's wife.

With the support of seniors, junior staff, manufacturers, dealers, customers, and families at each hair salon, I have a fulfilling life as a hairdresser every day, and I have been a hairdresser for 30 years. We are trying to solve the problems of our customers with our experience and specialized knowledge such as cutting technology, hair care, and scalp care that we have pursued for a long time.

Because my wife had weak skin, she also studied organic and was certified as an organic preacher by Kemon in Italy. If you have any daily problems such as hair or skin problems, we will advise you on the one that suits your needs.

At GRIN, we are particular about only the things that are really safe and valuable, and we try to stock them.

 GRINスタイリスト みつこ
GRIN  Stylist
Mitsuko Takeuchi
takeuchi mituko
my story

After graduating from high school, I went on to become a hairdresser because of the influence of my mother who was a hairdresser and my love for fashion. After working at one cosmetology shop in the city for 6 years, I moved to Tokyo alone, and spent about 11 years working and studying cosmetology as a beautician in Tokyo. Also, being able to study the basics of hairdressing by enrolling in SHISEIDO SABFA, which I had longed for since I became a hairdresser, was a turning point in my life as a hairdresser. Since then, I have been studying and gaining experience as a beautician by attending bridal, dressing, and a famous cut school. When I came to Tokyo, I started as an assistant at the salon in Aoyama, but at the end I was also the manager at the salon in Shimokitazawa, and I have been a hairdresser for 25 years. Many encounters and experiences have become my property.
In 2012, I made a U-turn to my hometown Masuda, met my husband, got married and gave birth, and opened a shop on November 1, 2016 with my husband and wife. Currently, I am struggling with work and childcare. His specialty is hair setting, makeup, and matching cuts.
I love creating the image that customers want to be. Please spend a relaxing time with one-on-one and polite treatment.


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