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At the beauty salon GRIN, I try not to use strong medicine suddenly because it is difficult to get a perm or because it is faster.

For fine hair, it is difficult to apply a perm, and even if it is applied, it is often removed immediately.

It's easy to strengthen the drug to get it right.

But GRIN doesn't do that.

This is because the hair will be damaged if the drug is strengthened.

Especially for those who are colored or frequently permed, do not use strong medicines, but use weak medicines.

As much as the power of the medicine is suppressed, the curl that is thinner than the curl that you want to select the lot is used to balance it.

In particular, new customers may not be able to completely grasp what kind of treatment they have performed until the last time, so unexpected things may occur.

So that you can change the drug and adjust the time at that time

First, adjust the time and drug while watching the reaction with a weaker drug.

While applying a perm firmly, I am careful to identify the drug and time that will not cause more damage than necessary.

Treatment protection where needed

Especially if there is damage from the color or perm

Perm while supplementing the nutritional needs and protecting the drug from overreacting.

Especially when the damage is strong, such as a bright color.

The drug may react too strongly there, so protect it with a treatment before applying a perm.

There are many types of perm medicine. At GRIN, we are particular about selecting drugs.

As a recent trend, GRIN uses cysteamine, which is gentle on the hair, because there are more people who perm with a soft and soft texture than those who perm it.

There are various types of cysteamine drugs, but tocosme zeroToyu drug

It is a very easy-to-use perm solution that does not burden the hair and yet gives a firm perm.

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