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Hair donation


What we can do for our children.

Green Creations
We carry out hair donation.


What is hair donation?

For children who have lost their hair due to some illness related to their scalp or hair and need a wig.

This activity indirectly provides hair, which is the raw material for medical wigs.

Hair conditions that can be donated

Has a length of 31 cm or more

It's okay if there is no damage enough to cut it when pulled

(Even if you have a perm, color, or bleach!)

Hair quality such as curly hair, age, gender, nationality, etc. do not matter!

"I've extended it for adult ceremonies, Shichigosan, recitals, etc., but I want to change the image."
"I was stretching it somehow, but it's also troublesome to put my hair together and I want to shorten it."
Hair that would be thrown away if left alone.
But if you cut it anyway
Would you like to spend a little effort and help someone?

"Hair donation that does not cut hair"

Hair Donation Shampoo 300ml / ¥ 2800

All proceeds will be donated to JHD & C to help make medical wigs.


A shampoo developed to grow healthy and supple hair with the concept of "hair health starts from the scalp". Based on 30 kinds of Japanese and Chinese, Ylang-ylang, rosemary, angelica acutiloba, etc.

A luxurious formula that uses plenty of botanical oil extracted from natural herbs.

No synthetic additives such as preservatives and fragrances are used.

The scent of shampoo is composed of the scent of natural materials such as essential oils.

It has good foaming, it can be washed well even with a small amount, and at the same time it is good for foaming.

After washing your hair, you can easily wash it off.・

A shampoo that can be used by anyone, from babies to the elderly, regardless of gender.

Since it contains apple-derived cleaning ingredients and amino acid-based moisturizing ingredients, no treatment is required for hair with little damage or children's hair.

* About non-use of synthetic additives

This shampoo complements the same effect as synthetic preservatives with a unique blend of preservative mixed botanical ingredients, but it is recommended to use up around 45-60 days after opening (1). The book assumes about one and a half months). -This product has also focused on wastewater after use from the research stage, and has achieved "complete detoxification" in the process of flowing from sewage into rivers and the sea.

GRIN is cooperating with the activities of "Japan Hair Donation & Charity " as a supporting beauty salon.
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