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We will finish the treatment with the original prescription according to the current situation of the customer's hair and your wishes.

In order to grow healthy hair, we will personalize and plan salon care and home care for each person.

​Tailor-made treatment

-Repairing hair with science and healing with herbs-

For salon treatments of other companies, just apply the treatment agents in a fixed order and let them flow.

Therefore, it is not possible to control the image that you want to be according to the hair quality, and if you have a treatment, the hair quality will be improved.

Odgeiot is finely made to order according to the hair, and the treatment agent is applied in layers like millefeuille, so the effect and sustainability will be different.

Not everyone has the same worries, hair quality and damage.

A combination of 11 types of treatment agents

Use the right person in the right place with different nutrition for each person

By replenishing and repairing from the deep part of the hair

You will be able to get good quality hair.


It is possible to obtain high-quality hair by understanding hair and chemicals, using different nutrition in the right place for each person, and replenishing and repairing from the latest part of hair.

By supplementing the ingredients lost in the hair, it improves the inside and outside of the hair, works from the deepest part of the hair, and brings the damaged hair closer to the best condition.


It is a system that allows you to make an accurate prescription by properly diagnosing and counseling what you need to repair your damaged hair.


A well-balanced blend of highly moisturizing plant extracts carefully selected from the perspective of hair science.

(ECOCERT certified raw materials + 4 kinds of purely domestic plant naturally derived raw materials)

Canina rose extract, hawthorn fruit extract, lavender flower extract, tachijakou flower leaf extract, western saw grass extract, rosemary leaf extract

Sage leaf extract, cucumber fruit extract, bilberry leaf extract, sardine root extract, stalk extract, tea leaf extract, honeybee seeds


* Organic oil prescription

By prescribing essential oils (aroma oils) such as argan oil, grapefruit fruit liquor, and vanilla fruit extract

It has a high-quality scent and an elegant healing effect.


* Contains aging care ingredients jointly developed by Kyoto University and Osaka City University.

Contains methyl carboxymethylphenylaminocarboxypropylphosphonate (Narsgen) to enhance the moisturizing effect.


Items that further enhance the effects of selected treatments


[Latest treatment penetration accelerator! Its name is Care Pro! ]

Quickly deliver the best ingredients to the deep layers of your hair

Pursuing endless hair repair,

Equipped with amazing technology that has never been seen before

It's an ultrasonic iron! !!

Treatment iron

Even if you say an iron, it doesn't get hot like a straight iron, so

No heat damage


The treatment applied to the hair by ultrasonic waves penetrates and adsorbs deeper into the hair,

It warms gently from the inside with infrared rays and cares from the inside of the hair.

It is a device that allows the treatment to penetrate more inside and have a long-term effect.

I think that you could feel the effect even with the custom-made treatments so far.

You can feel the effect even more.


  Special care


care_pro_logo_B_2 (1).png

 Special care


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