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The basic idea of cutting


While valuing the beauty of bare hair, we are particular about gloss and soft design,

We propose highly reproducible cuts.


The shape of the head is different for each person,

If you cut it in the same way, it will lead to poor style.


GRIN cuts emphasize reproducibility.

To make it easier for customers to reproduce even after returning home

The basic idea is to make a shape with a base cut, adjust the texture, and cut by reducing the amount.

The base cut can be wet

For fine work, you can cut it dry

Customer's hair quality, usual styling method, etc.

Achieve the style you want to be according to your lifestyle,

We will create a cut design with higher reproducibility and less damage.


The base cut corresponds to the foundation or skeleton of a building.

Just as any building will collapse if the foundation and skeleton are not solid, the hairstyle will collapse quickly if the cutting technique does not calculate the base cut properly.


No matter how carefully and accurately you cut the base cut

When the hair is wet and dry,

It depends on your hair quality, habit, and hair damage.

There will be an error of 5 mm to 1 cm. By cutting this error with a dry cut, you can create a more reproducible and beautiful hairstyle.


At GRIN, we value communication with our customers. Even if you make a good cut, you will not be satisfied with the customer if there is an error that the image is different from the customer's image or the length is different.

After counseling what you want to do, we are starting the treatment.

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