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A total of 9 types of drugs are selected from the strength, type, damage, etc. of the habit.

Since new customers cannot completely grasp what kind of treatment they have performed up to the last time, unexpected things may occur.

So that you can change the drug and adjust the time at that time

First, adjust the time and drug while watching the reaction with a weak drug,

We are careful to identify the drug and time that will not cause more damage than necessary.

The thickness of the coating will change depending on the location, so we will change the amount of coating according to that.

Also, depending on the design, the ironing method will be changed to create a natural straight finish.

Hair straightening straight


Easy to spread, stiff, uncoordinated, uncoordinated

For those who have problems with their hair

Plump from the root , styling with a soft texture

Arrangement is easy to decidestraight

Gloss Ya Kana, in the glow of the angel of the wheel,

Hair and makeup every morning will be fun too.

Basically, the longer the hair, the better the weight of the length and the better the fit, so the longer the hair is straightened.

For those who have been straightened repeatedly, we recommend that you only perform the treatment for the roots that have grown.

Since the hair tips that have been treated once are straight, they do not damage the hair tips, and it is easy to wind the hair tips with a trowel.

FIBREPLEX straight
FIBREPLEX straightロゴ

Fiberplex straight

ボンドテクノロジー トリプルオイルテクノロジー

With Fiberplex Bond Technology

Newly adopted triple oil technology for straight


Protects and strengthens hair while firmly stretching habits.

It has the original core of hair, the root is fluffy, and the tips are soft.

It's easy to handle and has a cohesive finish, so

You can freely enjoy various hair designs.

The treatment agent is built into the drug itself

The triple oil protects and strengthens the hair while firmly stretching the habit, and the original core of the hair comes out, the root is fluffy, and the finish is soft and supple up to the tip of the hair.



Tuning means "tuning" in English.
​ Adjust the condition of your hair to make it easier to handle.

Natural finish with less time and damage than forced curly hair,

Moreover! Even those who have too straight hair and are difficult to handle will have a soft finish.

This menu makes it easy to care for your hair.


It will last for about 2 to 3 months, but there are some people who do it every time as if it were a treatment because it has less damage and becomes glossy and smooth.

Tuning is a straight perm that mainly reduces the volume of those with weak habits.

(Hair that does not return to swell when wet and combed and grows straight to some extent is the target hair.)


Hair quality improvement, acid heat treatment


At the beauty salon GRIN, those who are bleaching such as "whole bleach", "inner color" and "highlight color" are at high risk, so we refuse to straighten hair or tune, and hair damage will occur. We recommend acid heat treatment for those who are expensive.


Acid heat treatment is not a straight perm, so it does not develop strong habits, but it is possible to relieve habits.

Puts nutrients inside the hair and the heat of the iron creates new bonds and strengthens the hair

Recommended for those who do not want to straighten, but just want to reduce the spread.

Hair buron of the topic now

You can get a surprising luster.


Hair buron straight iron does not cause protein denaturation due to heat, so it does not put a burden on the hair and gives a natural finish

Bio-programmed special ceramics

By (iron plate part)

Since it makes a straight while protecting the hydrated water structure that surrounds the protein, it is not damaged by heat even at high temperatures.
The more you use it, the more solid the hydrated water structure becomes and the more glossy and moisturized it becomes.













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