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Introducing organic hair color

organic color


92% natural hair color from Villa Lodola to meet the needs of customers who are looking for "organic" that is safe and secure, health conscious, environmental protection, and also considers people and the global environment in beauty. It is the first hair color in the world to be certified by Italy's leading organic certification organization "ICEA".

   Reduces discomfort and makes you feel comfortable during the procedure

Inspired by aroma candles, palm-derived wax is blended to cut about 70% of the pungent odor peculiar to color, creating a fragrance-free product.

In addition, the amount of alkali is reduced to give consideration to the scalp.

Beautiful dyeing for white hair

A blend of 3 types of organic carrier oils (olive, rosehip, grape seed). The dye is delivered to the inside of the hair without using synthetic penetrants, and the gray hair is dyed firmly.

Glossy hair that continues even after repeated

We are particular about hair-friendly plants such as "organic plant extracts" such as fennel and calendula. In addition, by using the power of plants such as wax and carrier oil derived from palms to improve dyeing, the amount of alkali and hydrogen peroxide blended is reduced and damage is reduced. You can enjoy a glossy hair color even if you repeat it.

At GRIN, you can also color while enjoying the aroma.


Hair protection ingredient, penetration ingredient, moisturizing ingredient

(Olive, jojoba, sunflower,)

Contains 3 types of {organic carrier oil} that have excellent penetrating power and are also used for aroma massage. Protects and moisturizes hair.

Hair protection ingredient, moisturizing ingredient

(Fennel, Calendula)

{Organic botanical extract} that gives moisture and a healthy luster. .. It protects the hair and provides a glossy finish that does not cause damage even after repeated use.

[ICEA VEGAN] certification, which recommends animal-derived ingredients defined by Italy's representative organic certification body ICEA, and [NEAR NATURE] standard, which demonstrates high performance while achieving ecology and sustainability, are compatible.

By blending 3 types of organic carrier oil, it dyes gray hair well, cuts irritating odor by 70%, reduces the amount of alkali blended, and considers hair and scalp.

Also, compared to normal hair color, the colorant drops off (when shampooing).

Smooth and does not remain on the scalp or pores,

You can return home with a refreshing feeling even at the end of the color.

What is ICEA certification?

ICEA was established as a specialized organization for inspection and certification of organic agricultural products and foods.

(Istituto Certificazione Etico Ambientale)

The most important organic certification body in Europe including Italy

It is one. To be certified as "organic ecology cosmetics"

You must adhere to the strict standards set by the ICEA.

With this certification, consumers are able to enjoy true organic ecology cosmetics,

Products that claim "nature" and "vegetable" that are flooding the world

It's easy to distinguish.

ICEA ECO BIO COSMETICS is in the cosmetics field.

Organic certification that recommends the use of plant materials.

Materials that are suspected of giving a burden to the environment and health hazards such as allergies

It is obligatory not to use ingredients that may be possible,

We also aim to minimize the impact on the environment of packaging and packaging.

ICEA VEGAN is a certification that stipulates the non-use of animal-derived ingredients in foods and daily necessities.

People at the highest level of vegetarians called "vegans"

It is a proof of a product that you can convince and purchase.

In addition, high performance while achieving ecology and sustainability.

Achieves both NEAR NATURE standard compliance.


The photo on the left is an image of repeated conventional colors. The photo on the right is an image of repeated villa rodra colors.

Villa Rodra Color is particular about hair-friendly plants such as organic plant extracts

Use the power of plants such as palm-derived wax and carrier oil to improve dyeing.

Reduces damage by reducing the amount of alkali and hydrogen peroxide. The more you repeat, the less damage you will notice.

And with the power of returning to the origin, which is peculiar to organic hair, it leads to the original glossy state of hair.


Villa Lodola is an organic hair care brand manufactured by Kemon, a well-known manufacturer specializing in professional use in Europe and Italy, which is the home of organic products, and developed by its group sales company, COSMOLAB, in more than 15 countries around the world. Contains organically grown plant-derived ingredients on a vast green hill farm in Umbria, central Italy. Villa Rodra has cleared the strict standards of ICEA, one of Europe's leading organic certification bodies, and all products are 100% certified organic.

Kemon has adopted a special program for its manufacturing system based on ICEA's certification regulations and imposes various rules on itself. Among them, Villa Rodora's hair care products are manufactured not only according to regulations, but also with careful consideration for the conservation of the natural environment, such as factory environmental management and 100% utilization of renewable hydroelectric power generation.

Villa Rodra Hair Care 13 Oaths

・ All products have obtained ICEA certification number.

-Made using only the ingredients specified by ICEA regulations.

・ Agricultural products certified by organic farming methods are blended.

・ The scent is an essential oil approved by ICEA regulations.

-No artificial colors, synthetic fragrances, or genetically modified ingredients are used.

・ We do not conduct animal experiments.

・ Comply with the list of prohibited substances.

・ We do not use raw materials that have been irradiated with radioactivity.

・ We carry out precise bacterial inspections on both raw materials and products to ensure thorough hygiene management.

-Use containers made of recyclable materials.

-Manufacturer Kemon has acquired UNI EN ISO 14001 certified environmental system.

・ We produce products using only 100% clean hydroelectric power generation and solar power generation that are sustainable and do not run out.

・ We will create products that maximize the effect by using the beauty technology of hair designers.


Villa Lodola is a real place on the upper Tiber in Umbria, Italy

Surrounded by olive groves and fields, this area is home to organic farms.

It was named as a concept brand of kemon, which originated in this area.

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