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Glink Relations
Beginner's Guide

In the beauty salon GRIN, to now take the form of appointment from the thought that you want to cherish your time.

To new guest



You can also make a reservation from LINE

(We do not respond outside business hours, we will reply to you on the next business day.  )

How to make a LINE reservation

* Please complete the friend registration first.

First, start the LINE app and search for "GRIN-CREATIONS" from the talk screen.


People who use LINE frequently may be buried, so enter "GRIN" in the search.

Then move to the talk screen

If you make a LINE reservation, please enter your name

Please tell us the "desired date and time" and the "desired menu content".


Furthermore, if you have the third desired time, the reservation will be smooth.

★ When it comes to elaborate processes such as W color and weaving color

Please let us know when you make a reservation as it will take a lot of time.

((You can also see the holiday notice)


2 minutes walk from shopping center Kinuya 1 minute walk from Grantova

益田市 キヌヤ

​When you leave Kinuya and go straight to the left, you will see a signboard.

益田市 郵便局

​Immediately after turning left at the corner of Strawberry Bicycle, which you can see diagonally from the post office.

益田市 グラントワ

After leaving Grantwa, go straight to the left, pass the Nikko taxi , turn right at the intersection, and turn right at Ichigo Bicycle.



Counseling sheet when you come to the storePlease fill in

We will provide counseling

(It's okay just to write)


(This is also for perms and colors)



Perm and colorDrink service during the procedure

It offers.

There is also one ipad for each seat, so you can consult about hairstyles.Feel free to use it while waiting for the procedure.

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