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Hair color introduction


Very popular! Foreign-style color throw

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​Recommended for those who have a standard ash color

What is [THROW]?   Unleash, throw, shoot 

THROW, a coloring agent made with particular attention to the cool colors of ash and matte  Also contains "Organic Oil & Botanical Essence" that thoroughly removes redness and makes hair healthy.


Even during the treatment, there is no pungent odor of the coloring agent, and a subtle and comfortable fragrance is scented ♪

The ultimate "ash"  Texture as if it had grown as it is ... Experience the special "ash".    


Clear blue ash

It is a masterpiece ash of transparent blue ash and THROW color.

Beautiful colors and deep shades are the secrets of popularity! By mixing it with other colors such as monotone and matte, it goes well with the production of foreign-style colors.


​Cool natural with less redness


Cool natural with less redness! Soft brown expresses the luster of adults. For a calm impression without glare.


Clear grayish

A transparent grayish color! You can produce a sense of omission with a monotone without redness or yellowness, and foreign-style colors are easy ◎


​Soft mat

Soft mat ♪ Anyway, it is recommended for people who are concerned about the redness peculiar to Japanese people. It cancels redness and leads the hair to a soft material.


​Mellow yellow beige

It develops a beautiful yellow-based beige color, creating a calm and calm atmosphere.


​Natural warmth nachoral

The brown color is said to be the most familiar to Japanese women's hair. There is a natural feeling that was originally brown hair.


​Supple pink

Pink color is also recommended if you want to show femininity and cuteness. The point is that even in pink, the bluish color is strong.


​Glossy violet


The color has a unique image, so you can give it a mysterious feeling or a cool impression.

Color chart

Controls the hair color of the ground and realizes a nuanced color without turbidity from the root to the tip of the hair.

FASHION COLOR. Even the texture, such as transparency, softness and softness, is beautifully finished.


Until now, redness has been used as the base for many of the main components of colorants to match the hair quality of Japanese people.

However, the slow color is based on bluish color, so the ash stands out more.

Customers who have been struggling with ash until now, please try it once.


Comfort color

While adjusting the contrast of gray hair, it surely dyes beautiful colors with a fashion sense.

It is a next-generation color that dispels the image of traditional gray hair dyeing.



Unlike traditional gray hair dyeing, while making the gray hair inconspicuous

You can enjoy hair coloring with a fashion sense.

It gives a dull color without the white hair floating.


Recommended for those with young white hair, those with a low white hair rate, and those who want to remove the lightness, transparency, redness, and orange taste and dye the white hair.



Natural brown with less redness


​Clear ash brown


Mellow beige brown


Soft matte brown


Natural warm brown


Supple pink brown

Color chart

Until now, the colorant for gray hair dyeing was based on reddish brown, whereas the comfort color is

It is an ash-based dark brown base. This makes it possible to dye cool gray hair.

Please try it once.

Contains 5 kinds of organic oils and 8 botanical essences, and botanical ingredients moisturize hair.

Organic Ingredients-Shea Butter (Sheer Fat), Olive Oil (Olive Oil), Jojoba Oil (Jojoba Oil), Rosehip Oil (Rosehip Oil), Grape Seed Oil (Grape Seed Oil)

Botanical Essence-Irakusa Extract, Fukitan Popo Extract, Sugina Extract, Rosemary Extract, Sage Extract, Seiyo Nokogiri Sou Extract, Mitsugashiwa Extract, Shirakaba Extract (Mixed Plant Extract-13)

It can be made so that it does not easily stain the scalp.

It smells casually

It's so casual that you forget that you're coloring it.
Like a perfume, it changes in about 3 stages with the passage of time with TOP-MIDDLE-LAST.

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"Tint bar" is called "accent color", and only the color made only with almost colored dyes

The feature is that it has a lineup.


Recent hair colors tend to require [darkness] and [vividness].

It is a coloring agent that can express such a solid color.


Of course, it is possible to express it in a strong and dark manner by itself.

It is also supposed to be mixed with THROW, and you can make an original color by fusing it.


By adding a highly saturated line to the hair color brand "THROW" that is strong against cold colors

The width of the slow will be further expanded and the quality will be improved, so I think we can make new proposals.

Color chart
スロウ ファッション
スロウ コンフォート

GRIN orders colorants from a number of manufacturers, so we will select the medicine according to the texture, color development, and color tones that our customers want.

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Achieve up to 15 tones without bleaching ♡
High transparency color of new color agent [Aprie]

Japan's first [3 agent type] hair color "APPLIE-"

Innovation of "adding powder" to 1st and 2nd hair color.

As a result, we have finally achieved a high-brightness and high-saturation finish up to 15 levels in one process.

Perfect for those who want a lighter hair color for the summer

It is a color agent that gives you a foreign-style transparency!

Blue Ash
​ Blue ash

Blue ash, which has a strong bluish tint, is a color that firmly suppresses the redness and orangeness of hair and gives the hair a dull and transparent feeling.

Most people will be dyed beautifully with this blue ash alone, but in some cases, those with a strong yellow color may become a little greenish, so in that case, mix a little violet to make it beautiful. It will be dyed.

Platinum Ash
Platinum ash

Platinum ash, which does not have grayish saturation, has the effect of reducing the saturation of hair and making it look shiny.

If you dye almost white hair with platinum ash alone, it will be dyed in silver and it will be very beautiful, but if you use it for hair with brown or yellow remaining, you can not feel the color change so much.

Therefore, this platinum ash is often used when mixing well with other colors to give it a glossy appearance or when controlling the saturation.

Lavender  Ash
Lavender ash

The slightly purplish-gray lavender ash suppresses the yellowness of the hair and prevents the hair from becoming dry and easy to see.

This color is useful when you want to have a glossy brown hair color, or you may mix it with other colors a little and use it as a complementary color.

Olive Greige
Olive greige

The greenish olive greige gives a pale matte image when it is transparent to light.

For those who have particularly strong redness, the redness will be canceled out and the finish will be reasonable, but if not, the hair color will be closer to green, so according to the customer's color preference and the condition of the undertone of the hair, It may be more often used by mixing it with other colors in a well-balanced manner.


As the name suggests, bluish brown natural hair color is finished in natural ash brown hair color.

It doesn't look too dull, it doesn't look too orange, and it becomes a natural ash brown with an exquisite adjustment.

Of course there is a sense of transparency.

Sepia Greige
Sepia Greige

The reddish brown sepia greige gives the hair a calm and glossy image with an image close to dark brown.

The transparency is so strong that it gives a glossy color that doesn't look dark but doesn't look bright.

This sepia greige is also a color that makes the hair soft and easy to see.

Milktea Beige
Milk tea beige

The bluish beige milk tea beige gives the hair a soft image with a light pigment.

There is no redness or orangeness, the dullness is not too much insisted on each color, and the hair pigment looks light.

It is a color that allows light to pass through well and makes the hair look soft.

Baby Pink
Baby pink

Baby pink, a pink dull with ash, makes your hair look like a veil.

Since it is pink, I think it is a warm color, but it will be a cool color, so it will not be too cute and it will be a fashionable and cool pink hair color.

With conventional colorants, there is a limit to the transparency that makes hair look transparent.

This apriet can express a transparent feeling that exceeds the "limits that can be done" without using bleach.

I don't want transparency until I use bleach to damage my hair,

If you can create a bleached transparency with a single colorant,

I think there are many people who want to try it.

Moreover, the color is deep and well dyed, so I don't feel any unpleasant brightness.

With the conventional high-tone color, it became brighter, but the color was lighter and the image was not as expected.

In many cases, this appli was dyed more firmly than the conventional product,

You can enjoy highly saturated and vivid hair color with one color.

Even with a 14-tone to 15-tone colorant that normally contains almost no color,

In the case of Aprie, the dark dyes are well mixed so that the color is dyed firmly.

光有りVer 無しVer

High tone color but minimal hair damage

"Olive oil" "lanolin" "castor oil" "pullulan" "shea butter" as hair protection ingredients

Due to the hair veil effect of these "composite oils"

Hair damage and texture during high tone color have been improved.

The less "melanin pigment" that absorbs light inside the hair, the easier it is for light to pass through the hair, creating a sense of transparency in the hair.

In that case, the image of the appearance is also desaturated and it feels like a pale tone, so

The hair looks soft and feels light as if it were floating in the air.

The fact that the dye is firmly dark is one of the reasons why it is difficult to get an unpleasant color.

In the past, redness and orangeness were supplemented with complementary bluish-purple colors to cancel out.

Apriecolor decomposes the melanin pigment itself, which causes orangeness and redness, making it difficult for oranges and redness to appear.

Therefore, when light is transmitted, you can feel clear transparency without feeling extra turbidity or weight.

アプリエ カラーチャート

There are 8 types of lineup, but all of them are more specialized than cool colors.

As it specializes in high tones, it has a sharp color chart, the darkest color is 11Lv, and the brightest color is 15Lv.

Since the lineup of all brightness contains a strong dye, the finish will be a darker tone than the brightness you can imagine from the numbers.

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A color lineup with "glossy finish" and "depth" that realizes "coloring that is deep and transparent" even in the medium lightness range.
Glossy, slippery finger-passing color and sheer feeling,
You can get two facial expressions with one color
"Double Face Color" [Appli Middle]

Platinum ash

It corresponds to the middle line.

monochrome monochrome
Sepia Brown

Sepia greige

It corresponds to the middle line.


Milk tea beige

It corresponds to the middle line.

Blue Ash

Blue Ash

It corresponds to the middle line.

Lavender Ash

Lavender Ash

It corresponds to the middle line.

Natural Brown


It corresponds to the middle line.

Mat Ash

Of olive gray Jeu

It corresponds to the middle line.


Baby pink

It corresponds to the middle line.

アプリエミドル カラーチャート

A lineup of 8 colors with popular colors

The keyword is "dark and transparent"

"Dark but bright", "Dark but transparent to light"

It expresses such a color!

The texture is glossy and smooth with the combination of "honey" and "shea butter".


Aprie Glow is a hair color that allows you to enjoy the fashion of adults by dyeing the "yellowing" of white hair and the "redness" of black hair up to 11 levels in a bright and well-balanced manner.

Noble Brown

A brown color that gives hair gloss and elegance.
It fits well on the skin, so the complexion is bright and gives a gorgeous impression.

Veil Natural
Veil Natural

Beige color with a slight ocher taste.
It has a high effect of making hair look soft and gives a texture that makes you want to touch it.

Sweet Beige

Beige color with a slightly warm color.
It gives the hair a warmth that is not too sweet, and makes the complexion look good.

Smoky Ash

For hair with a monotone tone that suppresses redness and gives a feeling of shedding.
Cool colors that are not too dull and can make your skin look beautiful.

Soft Lavender

A cool color that is soft and can express a sense of transparency.
A popular color with a high effect of suppressing yellowness.

Pink Brown

Deep pink violet color.
A fashionable color that gives a ruby-like luster with high saturation and looks elegant and elegant.


6 colors with abundant color variations from warm to cold,

A wide range of color expressions are possible for dyed areas

A lineup of 3 color shiny gloss items.
"Deep and transparent coloring" common to the Hoyu Promaster Aprie series,

It expresses the "noble luster and moisturizing feeling" unique to Apri Eglow.


A hair color that combines color development, damage care, and color retention.
You can enjoy hair coloring to your heart's content without worrying about the damage and fading caused by repeated color treatments.

ULTIST Brand Movie

Cacao Brown

Cacao brown

Elegant brown with rich depth like chocolate.

The faint pinkness gives the hair a shine and moisture, giving it an elegant impression.

カカオブラウンBefore After

Recommended for those who want a natural finish and deep and moisturized hair color.

Taupe Greige

Taupe Greige

A soft greige that gives a nuance like a white veil.

Controls the orangeness and yellowness of hair to create a soft and loose atmosphere.

トープグレージュBefore After

Recommended for those who do not want much color and want a natural finish and transparency.

Charcoal Gray

Charcoal gray


A cool gray that gives a light transparency and full of luster.

Control the redness and orangeness of your hair to create a sophisticated atmosphere.

チャコールグレイBefore After

Recommended for those who want to enjoy a transparent hair color without becoming too cool.

Bayleaf Green

Bay leaf green


A gentle green that produces lightness and softness with a sheer luster.

Control the redness of your hair for a clean and healthy impression.

ベイリーフグリーンBefore After

Recommended for those who want a healthy and natural impression.

Indigo Blue

Indigo blue


Cool blue ash with deep clear blue that creates transparency and deep luster.

Firmly cancels redness and orangeness for a cool look.

インディゴブルーBefore After

Recommended for those who want to enjoy cool blue ash colors.

Iris Violet

Iris violet


Elegant blue violet with deep luster and soft transparency.

Controls the yellowness and orangeness of hair for a feminine impression.

アイリスバイオレットBefore After

Recommended for those who want to enjoy elegant and natural cool colors.

Mauve Pink

Mauve pink


A cool pink with a slight bluish tint that gives the hair a deep luster.

Controls redness and orangeness of hair for a cool and elegant impression.

モーブピンクBefore After

It is a deep pink and is recommended for those who want a cool and elegant impression.

アルティスト チャート1
アルティスト チャート2

A completely new color system specially developed for Asian hair.

With an infinite number of color variations created from a carefully selected lineup of 12 colors and the placement of special care items, you can use any hair color, as many times as you like, without any restrictions.
You can enjoy it freely. Bring your new muse to COLORMUSE.

The black roots do not react because they have no power to brighten.

Unlike normal alkaline color (basic color), it will be smooth to the touch no matter how many times it is repeated.

"I don't care about the roots yet, but I'm worried about the discoloration of the hair tips. 』\

"I want to add color while keeping the gradation color alive. 』\

"I want to add color to the highlighted areas. 』\

This color is recommended for such people!


Pyramingo color is the best color for undertones of 12 levels and above.

Pyramingo is a flamingo-inspired, cute yet sophisticated, bold yet profound color.


It is a color with strong and beautiful saturation like flamingo, but it is not an artificial color that can be seen directly in dyes.

It is an elegant color that is naturally finished by an innovative dye with a unique structure called "pyrazole dye".


Warm colors such as pink and red have poor color fixation, and it is easy for the color to come off after several shampoos, but it is a coloring agent specializing in warm colors.


With the characteristics that only "pyrazole dye" has

You can enjoy the vivid and exquisite pink and the pink that usually falls off quickly.


GRIN discloses the drugs used.

By "disclosing the drug used", even when you are transferred

I hope you can refer to it.

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